My 5 Fave Filipino Shows I Still Watch From Australia

I notice that I’ve been diving off the deep end lately and handling a lot of serious topics (though I think Chocolate Mousse cake is quite serious too in a different way).

So I thought to myself that I would tread on the light side today and talk a little more about my interests, especially my Filipino guilty pleasures.

To be honest I find many international shows quite interesting, especially American ones, but I cannot understand the appeal of local Australian shows. Though of course, there are Filipino shows that always hold a special place in my heart. I will try almost anything just to be able to watch them. Go to my Lola’s and watch TLC. Scour Youtube and odd sites to find streams. Even the dubious ones that look fake. Visit many Filipino shops for old DVDs. Anything.

Here are my five favourite Filipino shows that I will always strive hard to catch an episode of.


I Miss: Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Mousse Cake

Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse Cake

One thing I truly miss from the Philippines is Red Ribbon’s most heavenly treat- the Chocolate Mousse cake. No one can ever convince me otherwise. Nothing in the world can compare to how it tastes to me and no matter how many times I eat it, I never tire of it or feel umay (sick of the flavour).


The Way Filipinos Think Of Academic Performance & Career Is Worrying

Filipino Careers

If you take a look at any Filipino child’s report card, chances are if they have many subjects under 75% grade, they are in their parents’ bad graces. Very bad graces. Why?

Because in the Philippines the passing grade is 75%.

Here in Australia it is at 50%, which in a way makes more sense, being half and half. But since I’ve been to school in both Philippines and Australia, I noticed the difference. Why were the Australian standards lower, and the Filipino standards so much higher?