Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse Cake

One thing I truly miss from the Philippines is Red Ribbon’s most heavenly treat- the Chocolate Mousse cake. No one can ever convince me otherwise. Nothing in the world can compare to how it tastes to me and no matter how many times I eat it, I never tire of it or feel umay (sick of the flavour).

The last time I visited it cost about for single cake, the junior whole size. I finished that in about 3 days, maybe a little less.
To explain simply, this cake is made with a layer of milk chocolate cream fudge (or pound) and textured cream at the very top layer, then sprinkled with small chocolate buttons. The bottom layer of crust, which is what normally annoys me about most layer cakes, is so thin it’s barely there. Perfect.
Most people eat cakes as dessert after certain meals of the day, usually after lunch. I would eat this cake morning, afternoon and evening, as dessert or not as dessert. No cares given. It’s that good.

From the very time I turned 2, I fell in love with this cake to the point that every single birthday after that it was the only birthday cake I ever accepted. Even if it was the night before and my parents could have gotten any cake prepared for my birthday, no. Somebody had to go to Red Ribbon early in the morning before the birthday party before little me had a tantrum (spoiled, I know).

Red Ribbon is a Philippine bakeshop that started all the way in 1979 by a talented gal named Amalia Hizon Mercado. It’s basically the birthplace of all amazing baked delights in the Philippines or at least, I believe so. I have yet to find a bakeshop in Australia that can rival its sweets.

So did I really just write a whole blog post about a single cake?
Yes, yes I did.

If you are Filipino and you know Red Ribbon, try this cake if you haven’t already. If you are Filipino and you do not know Red Ribbon, well…how could you not?
If you are international and planning to visit Philippines or America, try it out. There are branches even in Chicago, New York and Houston. But unfortunately for me, like most other nice things, it isn’t available in Australia. Nothing ever reaches Australia because nobody cares about bringing anything here (oh the misery!).

So for the Filipino/international company behind bringing Jolibee here, Red Ribbon’s parent company- take a hint. I want Red Ribbon right here in Victoria- a Red Ribbon with a Chocolate Mousse cake on the menu!


Thank you.



What’s your favourite Red Ribbon cake and why? Comment below!


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