I notice that I’ve been diving off the deep end lately and handling a lot of serious topics (though I think Chocolate Mousse cake is quite serious too in a different way).

So I thought to myself that I would tread on the light side today and talk a little more about my interests, especially my Filipino guilty pleasures.

To be honest I find many international shows quite interesting, especially American ones, but I cannot understand the appeal of local Australian shows. Though of course, there are Filipino shows that always hold a special place in my heart. I will try almost anything just to be able to watch them. Go to my Lola’s and watch TLC. Scour Youtube and odd sites to find streams. Even the dubious ones that look fake. Visit many Filipino shops for old DVDs. Anything.

Here are my five favourite Filipino shows that I will always strive hard to catch an episode of.


Bubble Gang

1. Bubble Gang
After being here in Australia for many years, it was a great relief for me to know the show is still continuing on with every year. This was the comedy reel of my childhood, alongside Home Along The Riles. Of course, one of its main stars Michael V is my favourite Filipino comedian. He is a classic figure that can make himself funny as a man or a woman and his voice itself is hilarious. The parodies always elicit a few laughs and its system of replaying the same scene for different comedic endings is unlike any other I’ve encountered.

Word Of The Lourd


2. Word Of The Lourd
If I was asked what show really gets me intrigued, it would definitely be Lourd De Veyra’s mini show- Word of The Lourd. Aside from the eyebrow-raising pun, Lourd delves into many perspectives, issues and attitudes in Filipino society both critically and informatively. Its a short show but that’s what makes it sweet. A surprisingly honest journalist who can be seen by some as brutally honest, that’s actually what I love most about him. Not to mention his parody ‘Bayaw’ campaign with Jun Sabayton, which definitely got my vote.

(credit: starmometer.com)

3. Bandila (Flag)
When you’re sitting here in Melbourne with only a few Filipino channels available (through a service), you start to treasure the very few Filipino news shows there are. SBS’ showing of Bandila is the news show that’s most accessible to Filipinos here in Australia, so…we do treasure it. It’s hilarious how non-Filipino Australian friends of mine judge the show. They point out its ‘fancy opening theme’ and ‘badass-looking reporters’ that reminds them more of CSI than a news show.

Maalaala Mo Kaya
(credit: pinoytvhd.com)

4. Maalaala Mo Kaya (Do You Remember?)
MMK. How could I not? It’s pretty obvious. This iconic show that features Filipinos’ letters about important, dramatic and often tragic times of their lives. It is touching and inspiring but tear-jerking. For those who do not know MMK, the show basically features a letter the host Charo Santos (bless her) reads out. It then transitions into a mini-movie reenacting the letter’s story by amazing actors. I truly admire its production and entertainment team to be able to do this so regularly. And that theme song- no matter how many variations, still tugs at my heartstrings.

(credit: inquirer.net)

5. ASAP (All-Star Sunday Afternoon Party)
When I’m feeling tired or simply out of energy, all it takes is a couple of button presses to switch to ASAP and I’ll be getting my groove on in the living room. The creative dance numbers and the wide cast of stars and performers make this show a jam pack of fun and music.


There you have it! Do you watch any of these shows or are you more loyal to other ones?
Comment below and let me know!

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