The one you know as The Mestiza is me, Coleen. I’m a 22 year old Filipino-Australian living in Melbourne, Australia but was raised in Manila, Philippines. Mainly Paranaque.
I blog about my experiences as a Filipino-Australian in Melbourne, musing on culture shock, intercultural philosophies and what strikes my curiosity in general.

For non-Filipino readers, let me explain the term.

[me-stee-zuh, mi-]
Spell Syllables
Word Origin
a woman of mixed racial or ethnic ancestry, especially, in Latin America, of mixed American Indian and European descent or, in the Philippines, of mixed native and foreign descent. (courtesy of

This is the dictionary meaning, but for most Filipinos, we all know that there is more than one version of this word- mistisa. This usually refers to a Filipino woman with very light skin, which I was fortunately born with and quite proud of. I like my complexion and I constantly take care of it. As this is a blog for a general audience as well, aside from Filipinos, I chose the more common, international-friendly version of the word- mestiza. The word that mistisa actually originated from.

Though funny enough, I do look and have been told I look like I have mixed blood. But just to clear that up- I am purely Filipino!

Welcome to the trove of my musings and thoughts, and I hope you enjoy reading. O ayan na ang intro (There, that’s my intro).


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